Fraud Warning from your local RCMP

I know it's a subject that I have covered repeatedly but those clever scammers are still getting people to fall for their tricks. It's nothing to be ashamed about if it happens to you those people are very very clever and can mimic a legitimate source quite well. So Sgt. Archibald has so more tips for you to keep handy about fraud prevention inside this issue.


It's Fire Prevention Week

Fire Week has been observed in the US since 1922 and in Canada since 1997 ( FYI the charity FIPRECAN or Fire Prevention Canada has existed since 1976) this week we pay tribute to everyone who has picked up a hose and also remember to be mindful about fire prevention especially as the temperatures drop dramatically and Winter seems to rush right past Autumn. Thanks to Evelyn Sankey for the photo of our fearless volunteer firefighters.


Fowl Supper Nov 4 - ( Drone Footage Wanted)

The Fowl Supper is coming soon and I would really love to play some drone footage from local farm operations during the supper with light instrumental music playing during the meal. If anyone has a drone or a nephew with one, their footage can be dropped off at Eastend Agencies and would be greatly appreciated. I need time to edit so time is of the essence.


Eastend Rink Fundraiser Oct 20th

In just over one week the South West Terminal fund raiser for the Eastend Rink Complex takes place at the Memorial Hall. Now for some people the very last thing they feel like doing on their Saturday night is spending it at a fund raising dinner. So if you're one of those people, might I suggest that it is perfectly acceptable to purchase a ticket to the dinner as your donation and one-and-done you have done your bit to fund the activities for another season. On the other hand some people really enjoy the visiting, the auctions, and the meals so if that sounds like you then by all means take your seat at the dinner table next Saturday.