Community Calendar

We are back! Let me apologize for the sudden and prolonged absence of your Eastend Echo. On August 19th I lost my dear Mother, Nancy suddenly and without warning and much too soon. I made my way to her home immediately and my family and l began the unenviable task that befall all of us at one time or another. I only returned a few days ago. I am so grateful to all the kind words and messages from my extended Eastend family. Each and every one of you who have passed on your words of condolence please know how much that helped and gave me comfo11. So now I can get back to the rewarding task of making this little record of our lives together, meager as it is, called The Eastend Echo. St.Augustine's Anglican Celebrates 100 The pews were filled almost to capacity and many from far away. All came to observe the 100th Anniversary of St.Augustine's church in Eastend. One observer who was there has faithfully attended every service held for nearly the entire histo1y of the building. That observer is a little mouse which was carved into one of the many commemorative plaques on the walls of the church. This mouse was carved by a British furniture maker named Robert (Mouseman) Thompson. Mr.Thompson remarked he was "poor as a church mouse" while he was finishing a carving which led him to include a mouse in the carving and every piece thereafter. We have more on the celebration inside. Public Reading/ Meet and Greet on Sunday The Stegner House will be having a free reading from current residents Suzanne Evans and Alan Curnyn this Sunday at 7pm. More hot, pterodactyl boyfriend info inside this issue. Yes, you read that correctly. Tea & Fossils this Saturday The T.rex is having another Tea & Fossils event. If you don't know, you get free tea, and you get to work with actual tools and specimens that the professionals use and learn some of the techniques and procedures of paleontology.