Community Calendar

Communities in Bloom Last Friday the judges for Communities In Bloom were escorted around Eastend in order to evaluate our "Bloom" worthiness for this years competition. Their guides were Ethel Wills and Rosa Vasquez, who showed them the ins and outs of some of Eastend's most picturesque views. Shaun from Cafe Terra hosted the judges for lunch and showcased her "farm to table" home-grown ingredients. Thanks to everyone for their great work in making Eastend shine, especially our Town workers for the extra effort (everyone else notice the flags all waving proud! y?). PINE CREE WING NIGHT Don't let the encroaching Autumn tum your Summer blue (it is already getting dark by 9pm), come to Pine Cree Park on Saturday for the Friends of Pine Cree Wing Night. There will be delicious and multi flavoured wings and fresh potato fries galore! lf you haven't been to one of these nights yet, then just ask anyone who has. Wing Perfection! The Friends of Pine Cree will take the money raised to pay for the completion of the upgrades that have been ongoing in the Pine Cree Playground. Finding Local Folklore Workshop What stories does your community have to tell? Who are the tradition bearers in your region? What is it about your community that makes it different from any other? What are the traditions, customs and folkways in your community? How can communities become more cohesive through exploration of the meaning of place? These are the questions asked by folklorist, storyteller and historian Kristin Catherwood. She will be at the T.rex Discovery Centre on Monday, Aug.29th from 7-9pm to get your input and to teach how to "find local folklore" make it work for our community. Historical Museum Talk-N-Tour Series "Virtual Ghost Town Tour" On Sunday, August 21 from I pm-2pm. Please pre-register and pay by August 18th at the Historical Museum. Make up Crossword / Mind Bender Quiz This week I am including an extra make-up crossword since T repeated one recently. Enjoy the extra puzzles.