Community Calendar

Houses of Eastend III In the continuing series that we are publishing from the Eastend Library; this is part 1 of the latest information collected about house histories in Eastend and part 2 will finish this latest wrap-up next week. Partial Eclipse and BBQ eats! On Monday, August 21st, there will be a partial Solar Eclipse, and the Astronomy Club would like to invite Everyone to the Town Square, where they will be setting up their solar telescope and other telescopes with filters on to observe the eclipse safely. The club has purchased individual solar/eclipse viewers for the public to use to observe it safely. We will have about 90% totality in our area. It will start around 10:15 am, so we will get set up around 10:00. And, over the lunch hour, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, the Friends of Pine Cree will be having a bbq fundraiser, selling hamburgers, hot dogs and cupcakes. So come on down, support the Friends of Pine Cree and the Wilkinson Memorial Observatory! (Thanks, Joan!) BBQ and Midnight Swim to raise funds for pool Aug 26th There's a BBQ happening at the pool starting at 6pm with a 50/50 draw at 7pm. The Night Swim Party starts at 8:45 until midnight look inside for details. All funds going to pay for equipment and operating costs. Pine Cree Wing Night Sunday Aug 27 You haven't forgotten ? That's right around the corner