Community Calendar

Splash Park/Pool Opens for Swimming Lessons And so the first little feet have splashed in the new Kinsmen Splash Park. l think that is one tremendous achievement and a lot of dedication and effort by everyone to get this splash park open for the Summer season. Those slides look like a lot of fun, I don't think l O years ago we could imagine such an impressive and amazing fun splash park for our little town. More to come. T.Rex Summer Gala an impressive affair The Friends of The Royal Saskatchewan Museum put on another great gala at the lizard hut on the hill last Friday. Based on my experience, this being the second year of the trivia/bluff format and following on a successful formula from last year, this year's gala was more confident and exuberant and a whole lot of fun. l enjoyed last year's gala where l failed miserably in sussing out the fakers and truth-tellers and the whole room was drubbed by "Perfect Score"Betty Davis but l think the experience gained last year really paid off for Jacquie Tokaryk and the Friends. This year the events put on were hitting on all cylinders. Dr. Emily Bamforth, always an excellent speaker was the emcee and got the 60 or so attendees quickly up to speed on the schedule of events and rules of the game, then shooed us out of the theatre to go try our luck at guessing the false tales littered around the gorgeous T.rex Discovery Centre with Scotty being the glamorous and classy hostess that she is, she was wearing her best boa (as classy ladies always do, 100% of the time if they are classy, to the beach even). There was a silent auction from lots of local artists, businesses, and individuals and all money raised goes towards new boas for Scotty and to the RSM (it actually goes toward scholarships among other things). The excellent and amazing musical accompaniment was provided by Rob Hudec ( ) who performed the entire evening, playing multiple instruments with the best one being his voice. I am basically going to "plug" him right now because I know if you hire him and he performs like he did on Friday; you will be very pleased. While our answer cards were being marked and tallied, we were treated too fabulous hors d'oeuvres including the outstanding Yorkshire Puddings by Rusty at the Harvest Eatery in Shaunavon they are heaven for your taste buds! As far as the quiz goes, l failed miserably in sussing out the fakers and truth-tellers and the whole room lost to the last person to arrive, the winner was Mr. Gary Lajeunesse. But victory didn't come too easy, things were complicated because he was actually in a 3-way Kerri and Blake gave the same answer but contradictory Gary was the victor. Special visitor Donna Woloshyn from the Ministry of Education and Friends of the RSM and Wendy Wright traveled from Regina to attend & were thoroughly charming and delightful conversationalists. A big success. Jacks Cafe Rises again! Yes the rumors are TRUE! It will be a familiar face manning the kitchen at historical Jack's Cafe. And they will be open for Dino Days! 40th Dino Days "The Wild West" Events Too many to list here look inside for the full details plus a map of the parade route printed in glorious black and white. Golf and Curl is always a big hit of course. Looking forward to the Rodeo Ground events, Wild West parade, Paradise Fireworks' always excellent fireworks show on Friday, and it looks like there is music night at the Cypress Hotel starting at 7 Saturday. l will be your designated driver that night so have fun, enjoy the music and maybe even get up to the microphone and surprise and delight everybody. Remember this year the fireworks were paid off by money raised at the Slo-Pitch tournament auction in honour of JB Gordon (he loved the fireworks) so let's give a special thought to JB that night