COOP Merger Meeting Held Last Night The crowd of 30 were not a large group but they were very engaged in the Q&A session after being treated to a slide show highlighting the benefits of the proposed merger with Pioneer COOP with a few points being the guarantee of current employees to retain their employment as well as projected savings on overhead, and a comparison of equity payouts between the Shaunavon and Pioneer COOPs. It seems pretty clear by the information presented that the benefits to Shaunavon COOP members will be significant if this vote to merge is approved. The vote is happening on Tuesday, October 17 in Shaunavon. Any active member or corporate business (or appointee of said business) member of Shaunavon COOP may attend the meeting and vote on the merger. There will be no proxy voting for individuals, if you want your vote counted you must attend the evening and then be there for the voting after the presentation and Q&A are done. One of the current Board members will be chosen by the Board to join the Pioneer Board and represent our area. In 2019 a new member may be chosen by vote to represent local interests on the Pioneer Board. Missoula "Gulliver's Travels" Photos The furious week of learning lines, blocking, and songs was over on Saturday as two shows were put on for the local crowd at the Memorial Hall. The Missoula Children's Theatre tried something different this year and hopefully everyone found it to be a positive change. It will definitely be an easier drive for those kids from Missoula and hopefully means more participation as competition from Winter sports can leave kids with an awful choice to make. Photos inside provided by Heidi, with my gratitude. Golf Tournament Season With the Cattleman's Tournament just over on Saturday, you have 2 more chances to win prizes and show your prowess on the links. There's a tournament this weekend and the next weekend too. Info inside. Frontier Celebrates Canada 150 The folks in Frontier have entertainment choices for all types, from softball, to pancake breakfast, to parade, and so much more. If you're looking for a weekend of stuff to do, check out the info inside to see exactly what's on tap and make your way over to Frontier. You can even tour the Honeybee plant if you like.