Community Calendar

Scotty Named Official Fossil of Saskatchewan! It was announced last week that the votes have all been tallied in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum's 2016 campaign to find the official provincial fossil. This means history books will now look towards Eastend as home to our favourite 65 million year old girl, Scotty, and speak of her as not just our little town's mascot any more. Boys and girls in Regina, or the Battlefords, or Moose Jaw now also have Scotty to call their own. This also means that, like Parkbeg the home of Gainer the Gopher, people who might not normally do so will now learn of the Town of Eastend because of our humble little fossil superstar. She is the most massive T.rex ever found to date after all, the paper just hasn't been published yet. Look for increased tourist traffic as a result of this development. Special thanks to Kiana Kohl for once again doing a great job as photographer. SRC BBQ This Friday It may not be making the international news as much this week, but the fires are still burning in Fort McMurray. The SRC has chosen the people of Fort McMurray as this years recipients of funds raised at the annual BBQ. Support the school and support your fellow Canadians and stop by the school this Friday at 12 noon. Two Live Music Events in June You already know the second live music night at the Cypress Hotel is happening on June 4th but there is also the annual Howlin' In The Hollow happening two weeks later at Pine Cree Park on June 18th. Invite your friends, have a drink and a bite and take in the cozy late night atmosphere at the Cypress Hotel on the 4th, but if the great outdoors is more your thing and you like your music early then you can't go wrong at Pine Cree Park for the afternoon of Howlin'. You can even join in if you like to make music or want to sing a song accompanied by a live band. That option is available for both events, but note that audience participation happens later at 9pm at the Howlin' In The Hollow. If you are interested in joining in the entertainment you can contact Ed at the Riverside Motel. There is a designated driver available on the 4th of June, but for the Howlin' In The Hollow you just might want to bring your campers and tents. Community Yard Sales June 4th The ad to the right of this tells you all you need to know, but if you missed it then please contact Ethel or Diana to sign up.