Community Calendar

Avrio (Goodbye) CHRIS, VIKI, JOANNA, GAIA, and DIMITHEA Sadly, we have to say "good bye" to a great family soon, who will be moving on to their next great adventure. We will sure miss Viki's friendly faces asking us if the good is "Ok?" or taking a bite into those delicious Greek Chicken Burgers or Jerome's Breakfast or anything else that Chris cooked to perfection. And Joanna riding her bike around town on those beautiful sunny days or going for a walk and always says “hello", hope your new neighbourhood will be a quiet one. We hope Dimithea and Gaia will continue to enjoy their ice skating and sports with new friends and don’t forget you all have Eastend to come back to and always will. Chris and Viki are throwing a "Thanks Giving" celebration for the town. They want to show all of us how much we mean to them with an evening of fun and good food. On Monday, June 20th at 6pm please come to the town square and let Chris and Viki say good bye in their way. There will be donation boxes at the event with proceeds going to the new swimming pool, Chris asks everyone in attendance to please make a donation. June 04th Music Night/Howlin' In The Hollow Photos are inside with more coming online at It was bigger and better and lasted longer than before, J am talking about the live music on June 04th of course. An amazing night which saw new voices and a reunion and return of a great band. Coming up next on the music front is the Plug The Jukebox free music night at the Cypress on Friday, June 17 followed by Howlin' In The Hollow at Pine Cree June 18th. where the live music starts at 4. Rubber Sidewalks/Driveways If you want to have your sidewalk, driveway, etc . covered in the rubber topping like some of the sidewalks in Eastend have been done recently, then contact the Town Office and give your name and contact info for the company that is laying the covering on the new splash park to get hold of you to discuss it more. Time is of the essence on this as they will only be here a sho1t time. Tf you are interested, phone or visit right away Fireworks Fund Raiser BBQ This Friday 11:30 AM At the Town Square, please support & preserve our fantastic fireworks experience.